Senior Developer

Chicago, IL, United States

There aren’t a lot of chances to be an initial employee at a startup with a big market, a great idea, and an awesome team. SieveStream is based at 1871, Chicago’s Startup Space, and we’re hiring. Greenfield development. No legacy code. Just smart folks.


We need a hands-on developer to join our team. Our technical challenges look a lot like Dropbox: we’ve got a desktop installed data spigot, but the majority of our system runs in a multitenant cloud deployment. Which means we need skills ranging from C# and client installers, to a web based UI, through to EC2 instance management, to Ruby or Java or Scala or Clojure. We need to scale our infrastructure to millions of users.


You’re a super talented developer, and you might have spent time as a manager. Your technical skills may or may not align exactly with what we are trying to do, but you can pick up new skills easily enough that it is not a big deal.

SieveStream gives you an opportunity to be an initial employee at a big idea. You’ll grow as we grow.

Full time employment only; you must be able to work from our office in downtown Chicago.